I never plan to take a certain photo, I just take it!

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Photo Studio

Michele Dell’Utri is a professional photographer that for over 20 years achieves photo shoots for weddings in Milan and throughout Italy. Creatives and originals, his pictures shine and talk about real faces and people in their happiest moments. There are photos that instill emotions, narrate of thoughts and words, coming straight through the heart because they’re taken with the eyes of the soul.

In his studio, situated in Corso di Porta Romana 131, in Milan, the well-known wedding photographer take advantage of the most modern technologies available in the sector and of equipment state-of-the-art, offering a service of excellence in make you revive, whenever you want to, the most important moments of your life.

By taking with his pictures spontaneous gestures, smiles and emotions, in his photo shoots Michele Dell’Utri illustrates the most beautiful and romantic day of a couple’s life, leaving people free of express their self, capturing little instants of joy,  love, and complicity and making these emotions really tangible.

With his headquarters in Milan, Michele Dell’Utri’s photography studio is one of the most esteemed from Italians and foreigners newlyweds, that admire his creative style, his pronounced originality and the capacity of immortalize, with a photo, an instant of your life.

Unconventional, futuristic and pioneer of wedding’s photo feature, Michele Dell’Utri is able to realize unique and never obvious pictures, capable to capture the more intimate essence of every single wedding. Looks, smiles, tears and little gestures: pictures  should be selected so as to relive in every moment, with the same emotion and intensity, all the memories of one of the most beautiful and unique day of life.